Instagram Followers Hack

Your search is over if you are looking for easy way to get thousands of Instagram followers. Our team has developed Instagram followers hack. This piece of software is totally different from any other so called bots because it gives you real and legit followers. Just a few mouse clicks and you can get up to 6 thousands followers instantly and unlimited count if used periodically.


How Instagram followers hack works?

There are many technical details about it. This software searches Instagram database for people who will are going to follow you. Using advanced algorithm it makes sure that all followers are real people (not bots).

Before releasing this app to public we have been testing it for 3 months and not even one Instagram accounts has been banned. In the picture bellow you can see how many followers our admin account get in only 2 weeks. We do not recommend using this Instagram hack more than one time per day. This software does not require you password like others so there is no chance your account can be stolen.

Instagram Followers Hack

How to use it.

  • Download app.
  • Use Winrar/7Zip or any other archiving software to extract files.
  • Start file named EpicIgHack.EXE
  • Enter you Instagram ID.
  • Set number of followers you wish to receive.

Wifi Password Cracker

Have you ever tried to guess you neighbours WiFi password? I bet you did. However, it is not that easy and can be really frustrating. Even if they are using out date security protocol called WEP there is only a small chance to type in the right password. However, it is possible to hack password using wifi password cracker. It is a small app which you can use on your PC/iOS or Android device. With this app you will be able to connect to every wifi network your device founds.

Wifi password crack

How wifi password cracker works?

It connects to target wifi network and downloads packets (collects data). When apps collects enough data it will analyze and brute force wifi password. You should keep in mind that app works best with WEP protocol. We assure you that you will get WPA password hacked but it can take up to 30 minutes to do so.Download

Please use this wifi password cracker responsibly. In many countries it is illegal to hack into wireless networks.

How to use is.

  • Download files.
  • Start program.
  • Choose wifi network.
  • Try to get best signal as possible.
  • Program will do everything by itself.
  • After finish you will see green message “Done” and password.
  • Connect to network normally and enter password.