Can’t find working Social Wars Hack? Check this out!

You will love this Social Wars Hack if you are passionate player of this game like me. Our team member Mark coded this hack personally for me! And now I am giving it away for you guys as I do not play SW anymore. If you think that this hack is not legit/will not work just give it a try. There is no survey and files are not protected by any type of passwords. At the bottom you will also find link for virus total scan.

It is pretty simple to use this hack. All you have to do is to choose browser which you are using to play social wars. Enter how many recourses, gold or cash you want, go to social wars facebook page and press “Add button”. Refresh page and you will see updated stats.


Click HERE to see virus total scan


  • Cash adder;
  • Gold adder;
  • Resources adder;
  • Level editor (in beta stage!)


If you are using older version of Windows XP, you may need to download Microsoft .NET Framework to run this social wars hack.



Realm of The Mad God Hacks

Looking for premium Realm of The Mad God Hacks? You come to the right site. We can proudly say that our ROTMG hacks are one of the best you can find. With so many features and options you will be amazed what you can do! Hack was in beta for more than 2 months to make sure that public release will be without any major bugs. However if you noticed something please use this page to contact us.



In our Realm of the mad god hack you will find almost all possible hacks including: Auto nexus. This hack will teleport your character if you HP level is low; Full Screen mode. Play ROTMG in full screen and do not loose performance; Auto Aim. This feature will aim and shoot to enemy when particular key has been pressed; Show HP and MP. See how much MP and HP your enemies have; Show Inventory you will be able to see what items your enemies have; Minus debufs. No more debufs to slow down your character; God Hack. Add HP and MP when you need it; No Loading Screen; Reconnect and many more well known hacks!

Our hacks are 100% safe as you will not be required to enter id/password of your account. However, if used irresponsibly it can get your account banned. Also please play fairly and do not try to interrupt other players.

How to use our ROTMG hacks

  • Download files.
  • Use WinRar or 7Zip to extract files.
  • You will find full instructions in text file.

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